Christmas Markets on the Rhine

March 3, 2020

by Beth

Back in December we took a river cruise:  Christmas Markets on the Rhine. We flew in to Zurich and spent a couple days before moving on to Lucerne for a couple of nights and then to Basel to embark on the river cruise on AMAWaterways aboard the  AMAMora. This was an adventure: a part of the world/Europe that neither of us had previously experienced during a rather wet and cold season to see some fabulous Christmas Markets and cities along the Rhine River. We ended with a day in Amsterdam.

Towers (church and otherwise) almost always adorned with a clock became the common denominator for visual distraction.

The walk from the train station in Zurich back to our hotel was quite a lovely walk along a river…

brown trees beside body of water under blue sky during daytime
Photo by Beth Nicol on Unsplash

After leaving Zurich, we travelled by bus and boat to Lucerne for 2 nights. More clocks and towers, a cog railway which was not running as it was winter season, a market in the square in front of a lovely church where John began his tour practice of lighting candles and I of taking pictures of the candles.

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