Looking back — Camino

March 14, 2018

by Beth

Four and a half years ago — in September 2013, I joined a friend to walk the Via Frances (Camino de Santiago de Compostela) in Spain — we did start in St. Jean Pied de Port, France, but by day 2 we had made our way to Roncesvalles, Spain by crossing Napoleon’s Pass through the Pyrenees. As I would check in each afternoon, my husband would put a pin on a google map to mark my progress. I’ve recently enjoyed clicking on the pins and trying to remember the Auberge where we stayed and the events of each day. Some are vivid, some, not so much. Anyway — the map is here so you can see our stops as we travelled west across northern Spain.

I hope to be able to walk again — maybe from SJPP or maybe from Portugal. There are many ways to make the journey. It’s the journey that makes the difference.


[map id=”1″ is_responsive=”yes”]



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Marathoner (hey! I did complete the Nashville Rock'n'Roll Marathon! -- never again!), peregrino (Via Frances, Camino de Santiago de Compostela 2013), techie behind famvin.org for over 20 years now, mother to David, Marie and Daniel, Mémère to Lily, Ella, Genevieve, Henry, Avery, Luke and Claire, Catholic Christian (when I get frustrated and want to leave the RC I find myself asking "But where would I go?"), Auburn Tiger (War Eagle!), retired from Auburn University Libraries, and after 44 years, I'm still married to JP.

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