Sometimes I’m Oscar the Grouch on Mondays

October 16, 2004

by Beth


You name it, I hate it…

I found a sheet of stickers in my scrapbooking box, and it struck me that I needed to talk about my life last Monday. Basically my attitude toward like was “Don’t EVEN TRY to make me happy – It won’t work and then we’ll both be in a bad mood.”

But, by noon or so, I had wallowed in my discontent long enough that I was discontent with it, so the attitude was adjusted to a positive focus. I do love Oscar!

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Marathoner (hey! I did complete the Nashville Rock'n'Roll Marathon! -- never again!), peregrino (Via Frances, Camino de Santiago de Compostela 2013), techie behind for over 20 years now, mother to David, Marie and Daniel, Mémère to Lily, Ella, Genevieve, Henry, Avery, Luke and Claire, Catholic Christian (when I get frustrated and want to leave the RC I find myself asking "But where would I go?"), Auburn Tiger (War Eagle!), retired from Auburn University Libraries, and after 44 years, I'm still married to JP.

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