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June 11, 2021

by Beth

I am going to be very wordy so that I have a place to expand my text.

Sister Donna entered the Congregation in 1966, as change was sweeping society, church, and religious life; flexibility and adaptation to change have been a constant in her life. She is a woman of creativity, vision, persistence, and humor, among many other talents. She has a fondness for puns and quips. Her sharp and ready wit has eased many a tense moment. She is also a model of ecological reverence—she won’t even kill a fly or mosquito. She has an affinity for naming all with which she relates; she named her car, a Forester, Redwood.

The influence of several wise mentors and outstanding colleagues has enriched Sister Donna’s life, a fact she gratefully acknowledges.

Sister Donna is a graduate of St. Rita and Holy Cross Schools, and Cardinal Spellman High School, all in the Bronx. She holds a BA in Psychology  from the College of Mount Saint Vincent, an MA in Religious Studies from Fordham University, and an Ed.D in Higher Education Administration from Teachers’ College, Columbia University.

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