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On to Philly and Longwood Gardens

After saying farewell to Marty, and Bruce and Gene (not pictured anywhere) and departing Emmitsburg we proceeded on to Philadelphia (Germantown). Why I took no pictures in Germantown, I have no idea. But, we ventured south to visit Longwood Gardens.

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  • Lost
    Sometimes someone simply nails it: Sean Dietrich on Tuesday Here is the letter I got: “I’m struggling. My name is Joe, and I’m an addict. I’ve been to drug rehabilitation twice. I actually spent my 21st birthday there. Five years later, I’m still using drugs and I’m lying to my parents about where my money […]
  • Seeing Christ in others
    So often I find non-religious, totally secular descriptions of a concept to be so much more effective than the stuff published in Christian literature. I offer the following link as an example of how to “See Christ in each and every person I come in contact with.” oh, and why that can be such a […]
  • Thin Places
    Of late I been more aware of thin places. Places or moments when the veil between the present and eternity is less opaque and even feels almost translucent. When one can feel the rocks singing, or the air shift, or hear the heartbeat of the universe. Some of these are times when you know that […]

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