The back deck during Hurricane Ivan

OK – it’s hurricane week again – First we watched Charley – and got some rain. And, we watched Frances developing while Charley was ravaging Central Florida.

Then, we braced for Frances within a week or 10 days. (And we noticed Ivan’s strength building). We got lots of rain, not too terribly much wind… out came the stuff from the shed where it had been stashed against the possibility of wind.

That was last week. Here it is 8 days later, and we are battening down the hatches because of Ivan. Every time NOAA reevaluates the predicted path, it manages to curve or straighten so that Auburn AL lies in the center of the projected path…. something tells me to learn the lessons of Opal, which was still a hurricane when it passed thru here in 1996.

We have bottled water, 2 bottles of propane and a really nice gas grill plus lots of canned goods. And, we’ll start moving everything back into the shed tomorrow.

Watch this space for reports. And pray for Mobile and Baldwin counties… and every thing east and west of them.

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