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No, I really don’t want the Terrorists to win

Your 'Do You Want the Terrorists to Win' Score: 79% You are a terrorist-loving scoundrel who hates our dear leader and the values he defends. There are few redeeming qualities about you. You most likely celebrated when the evil-doers hit us on 9/11, then opposed the...

Hartsfield (Atlanta) Airport: Wednesday 2006-04-19

About 2:10 pm EDT, we were checking in at the Atlanta airport - it seemed a bit more crowded than I had ever remembered. And, whoa! nobody was being allowed into the atrium or close to the security check point. Hmm... follow the line to it's end out beyond baggage...

Falsely Accused?

Earlier this week, I had the unforntunate experience of a visit from the local Animal Cruelty Investigator. In the aftermath, I cried - sobbed, harder than I have in since we lost our schnauzer last year. Before that - God alone knows when I've cried my eyes out like...

One, two, three… what are we fighting for?

I've watched the invasion of Iraq - I grew up with Viet Nam, the Cuban missile crisis and the Cold War. But, there is someone on Auburn University's campus who has chosen a very strange battle, indeed.

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