January 8, 2005

by Beth

Puppies are born pretty helpless: their eyes won’t open for 2 weeks, their ears won’t open for 4. But, they can smell Mama and they know how to eat.

I tried to take pictures, but they are so tiny and black (and Mama Grace is black as well) – so that will have to wait. There are 7 of them, born last night beginning about 6 pm CST – so right now they are between 25 and 27 hours old…..

Mama Grace is a bouncy, 17 month old black miniature schnauzer. She’s a good mama, it appears. With 7 pups in her first litter, she’s going to have to be!

Grace wasn’t so bouncy late this week. She could no longer jump up on the bed; she moaned at me; she took to hiding under the bed (something she NEVER did before); Friday she tossed her cookies at least once. Miserable little creature – as wide as she was tall.

Ollie (16 year old cat) wouldn’t leave her until she actually started dropping puppies. He curious now, but, not allowed to get to close. If he does, Grace goes after him like a maniac.

When I can get pictures, I’ll post them. They’ll be available for adoption in mid-March. Adoption fee is likely to run about $300 – that gets you a puppy and AKC papers.

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