Thought you might like to know what the weather is like here in east Alabama – we’re sitting in the projected path of Frances… this should change thru the weekend.

Update: Frances seems to have slowed a bit, so we think we’ll see effects on Monday night and Tuesday now. At least the weather folks don’t predict that she will blow thru a hurricane force like Opal or Eloise.

Update: Tuesday morning, 13 September 2004: No matter how NOAA and the hurricane specialists move the projected track of Ivan, it seems like we will get strong winds and lots of rain. So we are in the process of collecting bottled water, canned food (which I hope to be able to donate to a food drive at a later date!) and preparing for some rought weather somewhere around Thursday and Friday.

This is 3 storms in about 4 or 5 weeks. A bumper crop this year… perhaps the effects of global warming?

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