OK – so I’ve been at this for almost a month now… I realize that there are many benefits to this style of eating. I mean, even beyond the 10 lbs gone away in less than a month, or the fact that my jeans are considerably looser, and more comfortable, or even the fact that a couple of people, including my 18 year old son, have actually noticed that I seem to have lost weight.

Observation: I just feel better. Haven’t taken my various antidepressants for several days now and I think I may just not go back on them. No more getting kind of shakey when I haven’t eaten. Calm. Energetic. Able to focus. Who’d a thunk it? Maybe a big part of my mood swings is directly related to SUGAR – or sugar and STARCH.

Observation: I have been very consistent about getting in my 3 mile walk almost every day. That could help with the moods, etc. But, I was doing that before this change in eating pattern, and while it helped, it didn’t completely fix some of those emotional swings. So – must be related to diet.

Obesrvation: I feel good! oops, I think I said that before.

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