OK – I’m not really evangelizing about Atkins, but, so far I’ve dropped about 25 lbs…. I’m down to the smallest clothes in the closet. Granted, I used to have smaller ones before the house burned and I got to start all over on my wardrobe.

There have been a few hitches – times when I just had to have a few tortilla chips to use as spoons for salsa, sour cream and guacamole dip…. or just one cornbread muffin. Despite these few craving attacks, overall I am perfectly content to avoid sugar and starch and real beer and at the same time to have more energy and find myself evaporating at about 1 lb/week. There are times when I’m just not interested in food – not what I can eat, not even what I have on my “off-limits list.” The best part seems to be that JP is doing it as well – and that means that I no longer get the snarls about “you are the one with the crazy diet restrictions.”

Carry on….

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