Braves 10, DiamondBacks 6

August 18, 2003

by Beth

At a Braves Game

Chris tagged this photo as “The challenged child goes the ballpark with his dysfunctional family” — and that’s Chris in the plaid shirt.

My second major league baseball game! Both have been trips to see the Braves in Atlanta – a beautiful ballpark.

We were running late due to the service at Famous Dave’s Barbeque being a bit slower than we would have liked – and the parking lot on I-75/85 getting down to the stadium. Aahh! the atmosphere once you do get into the stadium! I no longer go to Auburn football games, and what I miss is not the game, but the stadium atmosphere. The closest we get is the tailgate parties on the Auburn campus. That’s the best part anyway. A good stadium trip really gives me butterflies – a good Braves (ok, or FSU) war chant does the soul good.

Despite a bit of rain at the beginning of the 4th inning, fun was had by all — even tho I was sitting between Robert & JP – both rather large men who would function nicely as a furnace to heat an entire house. The bottomless bag of peanuts that is still not finished offered sustenance for the well over 3 hour game. And, upon returning to Auburn, the house and pets were in perfect working order (those who know us also know that in the past, this has not always been the case).

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