IVAN – here we sit

September 16, 2004

by Beth

Currently there is a tornado warning out there, it’s windy and raining. The glass doors on the fireplace blow open from time to time.

The back deck during Hurricane Ivan

We got the Auburn University central computers down last night at about 11 – the library servers were shut down before we left for the day at 5 pm. When this passes, and we are more certain of power, then we go back in and bring things back up. That’s one thing about this area – weather can cause the electricity to go away all together too frequently.

We are in that lovely orange zone on the weather map.... the medium chance of wind damage. Tell that to the little dogwood in the backyard that seems to stand at a funny angle right now.

And, to make things worse, Grace, sweet thing that she is, just brought us a lovely dead squirrel. It’s disposed of now. Who knows how it met its demise: a cat or drowned in the storm?

Oh well.

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