I found this in my “drafts.” It’s a couple of years old, now. (I hadn’t realized that this site was that old!) I wish I had finished it, because I wonder where I was headed. And now, so much more has happened. Marie is making preparations for her wedding. A piece of the farm has sold. My friend, Mies, who is a sister of the heart and spirit, has moved to Texas. So, the more things change, and move, the more they stay the same. That’s not very original, I know but it’s so true. So – here’s what I found of an old post that never got published…

Our old neighbors, Paula and Gene were in town last week. They had some condo time up on the lake, and seemed to be beginning the search for land so that they can come back in about 4 years when they retire – again. And so, we found ourselves, all together at another former neighbor’s house, sharing stories and dessert, current events and future plans…..

My youngest just graduated from high school. Seeing Paula reminded me of that blue-eyed, tow-headed bundle of energy who would stand in my kitchen and cry and demand to be taken across the street to see Miss Paula. Once there, standing on her doorstep, he always hid behind my knees and refused to talk to her. I know she thought I was nuts…. But, that same toddler was known to sit in Gene’s lap and scarf down stuffed mushrooms (Gene makes THE BEST) – and generally act like he would never be tongue-tied in their presence. We had to tell them that he is certainly no longer shy. For that matter, he was voted not only “Most school spirited”, but also “Player of the Year” (we’re not talking sports, here) and “Biggest Flirt.”

We shared not only our street, but our church… and a great fondness for Irish music. For them, it was in the blood – I adopted it (both the Catholic Church as a convert, and the Irish music because it speaks to my soul). I distinctly remember celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Easter [Irish] Uprising at their house by eating and drinking and singing Irish Revolutionary songs all of that rainy, miserable Easter afternoon.


So where was I going? Not sure, but I suspect I was feeling a bit low. And wishing to go back in time. I’m pretty much into going forward now. And I’m more likely to find remembering rainy, miserable Easter Sunday afternoons a joy. Ah! The more things stay the same, the more they change.

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