Puppies at play

  You can start the video by clicking on the arrow below the picture. There are 7 of us – 2 salt and pepper males, 4 black males and a black female.

February 15, 2005

by Beth


You can start the video by clicking on the arrow below the picture.

There are 7 of us – 2 salt and pepper males, 4 black males and a black female.

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  1. Angela

    They are just precious puppies. I have a female and her son. We raised one litter and it was so much fun/work. I get calls all the time for puppies, so I will past this along if I get any calls in the next few weeks. I also have our male for stud if you know of anyone looking to breed (I live in Opelika).

  2. beth

    Thanks! They are work – but more fun. And thanks for passing this on. It’s going to be hard to let them go!

  3. Leigh

    Beth — they are darling. By the way, I wanted to send you a comment on one of your earlier posts, but the form isn’t presented. Is that a ‘feechur’ that comments are disabled after a certain period?

    So — my comment is for your November 13th posting. You said that you are using WordPress for your blog, but the link in your menu column says Movable Type. So which is it?


  4. Marie

    Do you have any of your female puppies for sale or have they all been spoken for? I’d love a black female puppy.

  5. beth


    I closed comments on old posts because of spam….

    And the answer to the MT vs WordPress is – JustLookin’ (this blog) is MT; Journey is WP.

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