I’ve noticed that over the last year or 2 something that I might perceive as alarming keeps happening. We keep interviewing and hiring my children’s classmates. So far, in our department we have 3 employees who went to high school with my 2 older children – so when they drop by to chat, they often want to know about David and Marie.

Guess I’m just getting old – last winter, I was complaining about something – a pain in my shoulder or my legs, and David looked at me with surprised concern and asked “Mom – when did you get old?” It doesn’t seem right somehow. In my head, I’m still under 40 – no under 30, and I just don’t understand why it’s harder to lose weight, get in shape or stay up all night. I’m not looking in the mirror and seeing clearly.

Just the same – welcome to “the real world” kids. It’s gonna be fun!

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