Vacation Photos – second stop for visiting

August 30, 2021

by Beth

After Gainesville, we spent a night on the road, and then proceeded to Emmitsburg MD to visit more friends. While we were there, we took time to explore Harper’s Ferry. We had done Gettysburg battlefield on a previous visit. The day was very warm, but still, we managed to hang in there and read signs in museums, eat lunch and walk a bit of the battlefield. I had not realized that manufacturing made a great leap forward at Harpers Ferry… home of the idea of making a bunch of identical parts and then assembling the whole item as opposed to build one gun, build a second one. Now, the parts are interchangeable so you can replace them.

Emmitsburg itself is a quaint little place… Walking down the main street I happened upon this garden tucked between 2 buildings. The one on the right is a church, I think.

And. of course the obligatory photo with our host and one of the folks from the Gainesville gathering!

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